Do you want to read my short write ups?

Hi there!

Yesterday, while I was making an entry in my bullet journal, I thought I'd share with you all about how I maintain my bullet journal and the impact it has created in this lockdown life.. But hey, you know how I get influenced and change directions abruptly just because it seems a bit more interesting right? Ditto happened today! :D

Bullet journaling is one thing that I'll definitely write about, in my next post. I promise! :) For now, I want to share all those short stories I used to write way back in February 2019, as part of my #12months12hobbies challenge on Instagram. Wow, it was fun!! I am really glad I chose 2019 and not 2020, due to obvious reasons...

I will now present to you, all those beautiful write ups I had drafted in Feb 2019. I just stumbled upon them this morning in my gallery and couldn't wait to share it with you all! Oh yes yes, I am not going to share all twenty eight of them! It'll be hard for me, but I will choose my favorite five! Happy? :P

1. For the love of binge eating when stressed:

I reeaaaally feel we overthink sometimes and become too stressed. All we need to calm down is FOOD <3

2. Inspired by the heart and brain comics:

Sometimes, I can listen to all my organs talking. You too, right? Yes, your own organs -_-

3. To the heroes/sheroes in us: Self explanatory much :)

4. Valentines day 2019:

This is exactly how I felt that day and wanted to thank my ex, because I am stronger now, thanks to him!

5. I think it's wise to embrace our intrinsic flaws:

Pimples have stayed with me through the thick and thin... I can't actually not like them! It's a sin not to like something that loves you :P

Do let me know what you guys think about these! :)

Also, if you're interested in browsing through all of the short write ups, you can find them on my Instagram profile...

Until next time! :)


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