Eight months: Lazy, Crazy, Frenzy...

Hi there! Hope the lockdown is treating you well :)

I was on a work call with my team and our MD on Thursday. We were discussing our experience during the lockdown when I realized it has been eight LONG months.

Eight long months of working from home.

Eight long months of not eating outside..

Eight long months without Death by Chocolate...

Eight long months with no haircut....

Eight long months of meeting friends only virtually..

Eight long months of only pyjamas from our wardrobes...

Eight long months of more dishes and less laundry.

Eight long months of gratitude, hope and longing for the good old days!


(This is a new word I'm using to express surprise, awe, and shock btw! :P)

While I was contemplating all this, it was my turn to describe my lockdown experience in the meeting. Well, I said: LAZY, CRAZY and FRENZY! :D

March till June: Was so lazy that I'd wake up only to login & logout from work.

July and August: Was so crazy that I started listening to audiobooks and podcasts on #mindfulness

September till November: Gave in to a frenzied search for productivity, improvement, upskilling and reskilling.

Sometime in June, after my lazy phase, I finally decided it's better to keep track of the days that were passing by. I started a bullet journal to keep myself motivated and less bored. People who know me well know how much I love DIY and this little journal I'm maintaining adds to my repertoire!

So, what did you all do? I'd LOVE to know!!!

Share your experience in the comment box below!

PS: This marks my first post with a comment box and I'm so happy I could figure out how to add this. It's a little tricky when you want to maintain a website when you aren't a developer. thanks to Wix, this is making my life EASY! <3


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