Now, this moment that there is...

While I am waiting for my mom to make yummy tomato chapatis for dinner tonight, I sit in my room working, actually contemplating on what to post as my first ever content on this website I created for myself.

Should I talk about how I am actually stomach full but have the eye hunger to just gulp down those tomato chapatis with cheese spread while the dough lasts? Or should I talk about the book me and my friend Anagram started writing a couple of years ago, that stays unfinished? Should I talk about the places I have visited thus far in my life (I am 26 BTW...still exploring) or opine about the various experiences I've had in those places I have visited; that add to my "Never have I done this before" list?

Is it too early to talk about how I started maintaining a bullet journal as soon as the lockdown was announced in my city or introspect on why I am not working out anymore? Will I have to wait for a few more posts to be up before I pen down my work experience and ask my audience to reach out for any unbiased, straight forward, always blunt answers that they may need? Even better is the thought that I have sometimes, to just tell you all about how much I love writing certification exams and gaining knowledge, because hey, it's the age to learn and stuff, yeah?

Isn't it also the wrong time to talk about relationship advice that I wish I could have given my younger self because, duh... You don't even know my story(/-ies) yet! Maybe I should talk about how I actually started writing a lot in 2018 and even took up freelance writing projects, that paid me in the range of INR1000 or sometimes AUD2000 for a thousand words? But why would you want to know all of that; unless you'd want to be a freelance writer too and have plans of being a kindergarten textbook author when you turn 45 years young as well! Co-incidence much?! YAY!!

Oh wow, I think I know what I could possibly start with; the recipe for tomato chapati!! Here you go --

To a blender, add eight cloves of garlic, half tsp coriander powder, half tsp garam masala, 4 tomatoes, 15 green chillies. Once blended well, add it to a bowl with some wheat flour, salt, oil and combine well. Add some water only if necessary. That's it! Knead the dough, make any shapes or boring circles and heat them on a pan to evenly toast them. I enjoy them with cheese spread and tomato ketchup, but yeah, you are free to choose whatever you would like to eat them chapatis with :)


Until next time! :)


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