Why travel?

Hi there!

I know, it's been a while. Just got caught up with the mundane things, like all of us do. :)

Hope you're well. It's the pandemic situation currently and I really hope all of us stay safe and healthy.

Staying safe, means no travel for a while because nobody's ready to take any risk. We're better off without another paranoia resulting from the traveling and questions around getting in contact with numerous surfaces and worry if we sanitized ourselves enough or not!

But hey, it's ALWAYS allowed to sit with a cup of warm coffee and think about those good old days we were out on a beach, hiked a valley, trekked a mountain (okay, hill :P) or partied like crazy!

While I was at it, there was a question that struck me. Thinking out loud, it was something like, "Why do I travel after all?". Note the usage of "I" instead of "We" here. Yes, it may be because I am self obsessed, but it is also because I do not want to create a post that is generalized. It's just my perspective on the need to travel.

Do I travel because I want to understand myself? Or do I travel to take a break from reality? Is it because I do not like the reality and seek traveling as an escape route to detach for a while; from all of it? If that's the case, is my reality not good enough? Am I not striving towards its betterment? Am I judging myself while being ironic about practicing self care? That can't be it!

Do I like traveling because it lets me smell different types of green and hue? Or is it because I want to stay at places out of the blue? Wow, that rhymed! Never mind, I also don't know if it made sense! :D

I love to shop at all the places I visit, enjoy all the flavors that place has to offer, click many pictures where the background is on prime focus, dress up like the locals at least one day during my stay and try to learn a few words from languages the locals spoke.

Oh, I know! I think I want to try blending in and step into the shoes of the people living there and understand if I'd ever be able to pull off living there myself. Is it a challenge or a sense of empathy? Is it because I am a business analyst, that demands me to always follow a user centric approach? (No, I will not start "Design Thinking" classes, no!)

Many many ifs. But you know what? Whether there's a reason or not, travel is definitely rejuvenating. Be it an hour's drive to work, a weekend getaway to Coorg, a three-day "divine feeling" trip, a long vacation to somewhere far far away! Doesn't matter where, all that matters is when can we plan and work it out, how we execute and what it made us feel afterward. :)

What's your calling? Why do you travel?

Until next time! :)


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